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Smart OSD V3 for Mikrokopter

Graphical OSD V3 in this version is intended for the control electronics Mikrokopter. Graphics drawn dynamically by the ARM processor family allows for smooth animation on the background of the video signal fed. Very comfortable and easy to use PC software for configuring the OSD and upgrade the system software via the USB port. Communication with electronics Mikrokopter port in Navi Control or Flight Control (available soon). Very easy installation - compatible with the size of the plate a standard adopted by MK - communication interface is located at the height of the connector in MK - just connect the tape from the connector located in the kit and is already running. The software allows you to configure up to eight screens that can switch digital signal 0 / 1 or PWM. Possibility of connecting up to 4 analog signals, such as battery voltage set of FPV. System ready for simple audio communication - tone vario generator.





Basic OSD data


Radar screen



Maps screen






  • Resolution of 352x288 pixels for PAL, 352x240 or 320x240 for NTSC
  • 2 video input - option (now in default board configuration - not work with all video camera)*
  • PAL or NTSC video standard
  • OSD generator
  • 3 modes of background graphic elements: the standard, black background, translucent dark background with adjustable
  • Eight configurable screens - 4 for 1 video input, second 4 for next video input or 8 for one video input
  • UART2 for rf module (BT, Wi232 or other) or MKTools
  • Two UART communication ports including one default in the MK protocol
  • Possibility to connect the GPS to MK without Navi version control
  • 4 inputs adc or 0 / 1 or PWM (alternatively, configurable)
  • USB port (USB <> serial) for configuration and software upgrade
  • Power 5V/70mA- PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
  • Dimensions of 50x50mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Ability to match the specific requirements of the OSD client (communication protocol, graphics)



  • Artificial horizon to fit the camera FOV
  • Speed - digital and graphic, measurement unit selection
  • Altitude - digital and graphic measurement unit selection
  • Vario - digital and graphic measurement unit selection
  • Vario flight mode indicator
  • Direction of flight, degrees, the possibility of correction values for other systems
  • GPS, the number of satellites
  • Main battery indicator with alarm function
  • Main battery current
  • Main battery voltage
  • Main battery usage
  • 3 additional input A / D with discharge rates, battery indicator, configurable
  • Maps function
  • Radar function
  • Error flags NaviCtrl
  • Message flags NaviCtrl
  • RSSI indicator - from MK or external
  • Indicator of flight time
  • LOS indicator

and other...

*NOTE !!!: OSD may not work properly with some versions of video cameras (low quality cameras). In case of problems,
                   you should perform a minor modification of the OSD by removing the 2 electronic components.
                   The modification prevents the translucent mode operation and allows the connection of only one video signal.







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  • manager2
  • manager3
  • manager4






Downloads: Smart OSD Manager. Unpack and run Setup.exe. After installing the program will start automatically. Quit and restart program. The program can be tested offline. 
New software, manager in Downloads.

A short installation guide: pdf

Setup OSD is still under development and new features are added. We welcome suggestions.

If interested, please contact contact us.